Bob Bunker Group

There are many facets to selling a home. With all of the complexities involved, it’s important to grasp a firm understanding of what’s involved prior to beginning the process.

We understand you may not sell homes every day, which is why we take the time to detail out the steps involved and how we help to reduce the amount of stress and time required from you.

1. Comparable Market Analysis

One of the first steps in the selling process is determining how much you are going to sell for. We offer a comprehensive, free home evaluation that walks you through what similar properties have recently sold for in your area, what upgrades/features your home includes and how much your home may be worth.

You may have an idea of how much your house is worth but it's important to have a professional, such as ourselves, value your home. We ensure your property has a proper listing price in order to attract the highest number of buyers and get you the highest possible price.

2. The Listing Agreement

In order for us to represent you in the sale of your home, we require a Listing Agreement contract to be signed by you and us. The Listing Agreement is between you and our brokerage, Royal LePage Wolle Realty. The agreement clearly outlines your rights and obligations in the sales process and our rights and obligations as your sales representative.

The Listing Agreement outlines:

  • Our compensation for representing you in the sale of your home;
  • The duration of the contract;
  • The listing price of the property;
  • An accurate description of the property; and
  • Both your rights and obligations as seller of the property and our rights and obligations as your sales representative.

We walk through a series of questions about your property to ensure we have the most amount of information possible.

3. Marketing your property


Would you rather have one fishing pole in the pond or 1,400 fishing poles in the pond? That’s the difference between listing your property privately or exclusively versus listing on the MLS system. By listing on the MLS system, your home will reach almost 1,400 agents in the Kitchener-Waterloo. These agents have buyers who may be interested in your property.


There are two types of open houses: 1) Agent open houses are where we invite all real estate agents to preview the property; 2) a public open house, where anyone is invited to walk in and view your home. Open houses are an efficient way to show your home to many potential buyers at once. We act as the host and answer all questions agents and buyers may have.


The vast majority of home buyers start their home search online. That’s why we market your home on a variety of sites and social media.

4. Waiting for the right buyer

Sometimes a home takes time to sell - remember to be patient and persistent. There are three common reasons that a home may not sell quickly: location, condition, and asking price.

You cannot change the location of your property but you can improve the condition of your home and you can adjust your price. While your property is listed, we will be in continuous communication with you regarding:

  • The number of showings;
  • Feedback from showings;
  • Updates on the marketplace; and
  • Your property compared to the competition.

5. Accepting an offer

When you receive an offer it will detail: the buyer’s price, any conditions that may apply, the desired date of possession and the date the offer expires.

The buyer will give a deposit with the offer as an act of good faith. We counsel you on all offers presented and can recommend a course of action: accept the offer, decline the offer, or make a counter offer if you are not happy with the offer from the buyer.

Once the offer is agreed upon and signed off by all parties then it is a binding contract. Therefore, we ensure you understand and agree to all of the terms in the offer. In addition, you may want your lawyer to review the offer before you sign it. Your lawyer should also make sure that compensation is received for any prepaid expenses such as utility bills or property taxes. Once these expenses are paid, then you will receive the money from the sale.

6. Possible requests from the buyer

Before closing, the buyer may ask you to provide a number of things such as:

  • A current survey that shows that the house sits on the property that you own;
  • The title to the property;
  • A certificate for a well or septic system, stating that the system meets standards; and
  • Access to the property for a home inspection.