The Bedard Family

“…Just over two weeks ago I received an email from Bob informing me that our “dream home” just went up on the market and we needed to see it as soon as possible. He quickly booked us for a showing at 4:30 pm and by 10 pm that night my wife and I had finally purchased our dream home ending a lengthy 2 year search. What was most impressive is that we were able to purchase our dream home in one of the hottest sellers markets KW has ever seen. A week later, upon meeting the seller’s agent she informed me that we would have never got the house if it wasn’t for Bob. She told us his presentation of our offer to her and her client made them both want our family to purchase the house. I imagine it is very rare to hear an agent speak so highly of another. Lining up to provide more praise was our mortgage lender that boldly stated, they have never had an agent make their job so easy and said Bob was an absolute delight to work with.

Trust is such an important quality one should search for in an agent and Bob is as trustworthy and respectful as they come. After waiving the condition on the sale of our home to help ensure we got our dream home, Bob quickly reassured me he would have our house sold in no time. When I asked him what our listing price should be I laughed and told him he was dreaming… Well I was wrong our house received multiple offers the first day they were entertained and we happily sold our house for over the asking price!

You may not see Bob’s face or name plastered all over the city on buses and benches and to be honest you shouldn’t because there is no need for him to do so and he isn’t over-assertive like that. He is trustworthy, confident, passionate and very in tune to his client’s needs, wants and the market. Working with Bob is like working with that trustworthy friend you grew up with that always understood you and respected you and your decisions.

It is with the utmost commendation that we recommend Bob Bunker for your future real estate endeavors!”